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Bill Hoch

Bill Hoch has been an employment law attorney for 25 years. For most his career, Bill has focused on representing companies trying to manage the workforce and defend against employee law suits.  He has successfully defended employment law cases before state and federal agencies, trial courts, and appellate courts.  As an employee situation unfolds, his experience will help you evaluate which management decisions may help improve your chance of success if sued and which decisions could prove harmful.

In addition to his trial work, Bill has advised companies about HR practices and employment law as a lawyer in a firm and as in-house counsel.  After almost 15 years in-house, he understands the employer’s perspective on managing a workforce.  Bill’s in-house experience allows him to help you craft practical solutions to employment law and HR problems.  He can help you move to a solution and resolution quickly so you can move forward with your business.

Bill is an investigator and trainer certified by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  He has conducted investigations into a broad range of employee misconduct and provided training and spoken on numerous topics of interest to employers including workplace discrimination and harassment, duties of a manager, and managing difficult employees.

Beyond Bill’s legal experience, he recently returned to Boston University School of Theology and earned his Master of Divinity. Bill works part-time as a pastor in the Woburn United Methodist Church and a Chaplain to the homeless community in Waltham. Bill loves to be outside, with his wife and two sons, hiking in the mountains, camping, skiing, working around the house, and walking the dog.