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Beach Rights Upheld

The Massachusetts Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a group of our clients regarding beach rights in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The appellate ruling

Alford et al. v. Boston Zoning Commission et al.

The Massachusetts Court of Appeals affirmed a summary judgment ruling in favor of our client, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). The decision analyzes the BRA’s

Rosenfield v. Joshi

A creditor attempted to partition a property in satisfaction of an alleged 1975 sheriff’s sale of the wife’s interest.  However, under the pre–1980 common law

Patriarca v. Center for Living & Working, Inc.

An important interpretation of Rule 4.2 of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct, which governs communications with persons represented by counsel, as applied to the

King’s Faire Inc. v. Strickney et al.

An analysis of an agreement not to compete in the unusual context of performing arts.  The court declined to enforce a non-competition clause which lasted

Massari v. Mindrebo

A unique case involving claims by upland owners that aquaculture on the tidal flats constitutes a trespass.  The Appeals Court upheld the trial court ruling