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Appellate Advocacy

Englander & Chicoine, P.C. has successfully argued cases before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. Appellate advocacy requires a special skill and tremendous attention to detail. Englander & Chicoine, P.C. has effectively represented clients in several different areas of law. In addition to arguing before the state’s two highest courts, the firm also consults and advises other firms and solo practitioners on the proper procedures and effective arguments for their appeals before the appellate courts.

Other Litigation

Articles Related to Appellate Advocacy

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Have you ever set out on a long walk down the beach, only to stop short when a sign indicates that a portion of the

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The Legacy of a Unique Legal Theory

Englander & Chicoine P.C. represented aquaculture farmers who had been sued for trespass almost twenty years ago.  Englander & Chicoine’s research uncovered that the Plaintiff

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